Quality & Affordable Car Detailing in Desert Hot Springs from The Desert Hot Springs Auto Spa

Get Your Quality Car Detailing in Desert Hot Springs from The Desert Hot Springs Auto Spa

DHS Auto Spa is the Premier Mobile Detailing in Desert Hot Springs’ Car Detailing, they are Mobile Car Wash Professional. We are Licensed & Insured and our car detailing service technicians take as much pride in your vehicle as you do. We not only provide a quality mobile car wash service, but we are committed to your satisfaction & on top of that, We Come To You!

Desert Hot Springs Auto Spa brings you the top car detailing throughout the Coachella Valley!

Article from Wikipedia.org

Professional car detailing services and sale of products to both professionals and hobbyists represent a large commercial presence in places where autos are a primary mode of transport. In the United States alone, the professional and home detailing industry is over $9 billion dollars in revenue.

Detailing is generally broken down into two categories: exterior and interior, or cabin. There are products and services that focus on these two areas specifically.

Exterior detailing involves cleaning and restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car’s finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish), chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle. A wide array of products and techniques are used to do this based on the surface type, surface condition, or the detailer’s preference. Products include, but are not limited to: detergents and acid free degreasers (to break down dirt and soil), detail clay (to remove embedded contaminates), waxes and polishes (to resurface and then improve reflectivity), as well as a variety of applicators, brushes, and drying towels.

Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin. Automobile interiors of the last 50 years have a variety of materials used inside the cabin such as synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl, leather, various natural fibers, carbon fiber composites, plastics, and others. Different techniques and products are used to address cleaning these. Vacuuming is standard, and steam cleaning, liquid and foam chemicals, as well as brushes may be used to remove stains on upholstery. Some nonporous surfaces may also be polished.

Mobile Car Wash and Detail

Desert Hot Springs Mobile Auto Spa – Bringing Our Quality Car Wash Services to YOU! We detail, do Interior, Leather Seat Treatment and more!

Headlamps   $35.00

Let us do them, For a Safer Ride

With auto detail            $79.95


Auto Detail                     $69.95

Hand wash & Polish all exterior painted surface, Chrome, Vinyl Trim
Vinyl/Leather interior accent areas & seats dressed
Interior vacuumed, windows inside & out

MOST VEHICLES, SUV’s, Trucks, Vans slightly more


Hand Wash                   $29.95

Hand wash exterior, door Jams, hood & trunk openings
dress Vinyl/ Leather trim inside & out
vacuum inside area, Clean windows inside & Out


Interior Cleaning            $89.00

Seats, Floors, Carpets, Dash & Console
Meticulously Pampered, Includes Wash

Most Vehicle’s, Suv, Trucks, Vans  slightly more


Leather Seat Treatment,  $35.00

2 step Cleaning and Conditioning


We offer a Varity of other services
Our Service is Mobile, we bring our Quality Services to your Location
we offer discounts for more than 2 units @ same Location

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